Inter-Faith Community Network

The Union County Human Relations Commission (UCHRC) will continue its work to promote positive relationships among the residents of the county, which is among the most ethnically diverse counties in the nation.

One of our ongoing projects is the Inter-Faith Community Network (IFCN), a group of local religious institutions which have united to make available sites where residents in conflict can discuss their differences in a positive environment of openness, as well as to offer educational forums to broaden awareness, understanding, and dialogue about issues and events that affect our communities and our lives.

The IFCN was conceived in the aftermath of the Columbine High School tragedy, when the Commission actively set about to create a structure and system to be used to quickly put together crisis-response public forums whenever necessary, to provide a forum for the community to dialogue and express concerns about issues and events affecting their communities, and to ensure that we can quickly arrange meetings, public forums, conflict mediation or crisis intervention.

The Inter-Faith Community Network also provides the opportunity to present programs that ultimately focus on Prejudice Reduction and Multi-Cultural Diversity, as well as simple “human relations” concepts and other programs that focus on quality of life issues.