Vote By Mail

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The new “Vote by Mail” ballot, introduced in July 2009, is easy to use. Designed and formatted to stop questionable election results because of partial or hanging chads open to errors, the new ballot is read “optically” by a scanner and less apt to make an error.

Now, voters using a pencil or black/blue ink pen, mark their selection on the ballot. Once returned to the Union County Board of Elections, the ballot is optically read and tallied on Election Day.

Below, a sample of the November 3rd, 2009 General Election “Vote by Mail” ballot design is illustrated. Note that the easy to read directions direct voters to fill in the oval to the right of each of their selections in pencil or black/blue ink pen. Write-in selections are available in the blank write-in section. Pre-printed stickers are not permitted.

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In the Primary Election, held in June, voters are confined to a choice of candidates within their political party. Voters will receive a Democratic or Republican ballot based on their registration with the Board of Elections.

A torn, soiled, defaced or incorrectly marked ballot must be returned to Joanne Rajoppi, Union County Clerk, to obtain another ballot.

Union County residents who are qualified, registered voters may apply for a “Vote by Mail” ballot by written application to the Election Office. Voters must sign their name as it appears in the registry book. All requests must be received 7 days before any and all elections including Primary, General, and Special School elections. Any voter who fails to apply by the deadline may apply in person in the Election Office on any day up to 3 p.m. of the day before Election.