Foreclosure Resource Fast Facts


Foreclosure Resource Fast Facts

Are you a homeowner or tenant needing help before, during, or after foreclosure?

Your first call should be to the Home Ownership Preservation Foundation. This experienced non-profit organization offers free, dependable guidance for homeowners and tenants. Call toll free at (888) 995-HOPE (4673).

Trained counselors at the Home Ownership Preservation Foundation will help you assess your situation over the phone. If needed, they will refer you to reliable community organizations for further assistance, including in-person counseling.

Are you thinking of paying for professional services to help you deal with foreclosure?

STOP! DO NOT respond to any flyer, advertisement, or phone call offering “loss mitigation consulting,” “foreclosure prevention,” or “mortgage loan modification.” These are often scams by unlicensed counselors who charge steep fees, or attempts by outright con artists to take your home.

(888) 995-HOPE (4673).

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has helpful information on how to avoid foreclosure scams. If you think you have been the victim of a scam, contact Consumer Affairs toll free at (800) 242-5846 for help, or by
e-mail at

Are you a tenant in a property facing foreclosure, and seeking immediate assistance?

You have the right to stay in your home during foreclosure, and after resale. For help, call the the New Jersey Tenants’ Organization at 201-342-3775 or Legal Services of New Jersey at 888-576-5529.

Do you need legal services?

Free legal services are available to income-eligible residents through Legal Services of New Jersey, toll free at 888-576-5529. You can also contact Legal Services of Union County at 908-354-4340 or 908-755-6663.

To hire professional legal services, contact the Union County Lawyer Referral Service of the Union County Bar Association, 908- 353-4715.